Big Light Bulbs

Big Light Bulb 1Traditional light bulbs are timeless, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the type of big light bulb which one needs to make an impact in a TV studio or at a live event. This type of light bulb is considered incompatible with the EU's views on efficiency, so they are no longer manufactured in the EU. Any lamps now manufactured are sourced from the Far East, and while they are probably fine for most applications, they're not quite as big so don't have quite the same impact.

We therefore took the decision to purchase a stock of 300W GES (E40 - Giant Edison Screw) light bulbs which will be available for hire or purchase until the stock is depleted. These are a mixture of GE and Osram lamps which were bought new by our supplier but were then left in storage for some years. They are a classic 'light bulb' shape - just bigger.

Many locations and applications require that the glass part of the bulb cannot cause damage should it become broken. We have therefore had some of the lamps professionally 'dipped' in a clear silicon which will contain any broken glass should there be an impact to one of the lamps. Pictures of the lamps both dipped and undipped will soon be on the Images page of this site.

The lamps are available with or without pendant hangers (16A cee-form connector and standard 4m cable length - although some extra long ones are being made at 10m cable length). We also have a number of low profile floor bases which allow for lamps either low in the foreground, or placed on top of set pieces / instruments.

The lamps have been used on a couple of high profile shows already - see the Big Bulbs videos page on this site for examples, and the Big Light Bulbs Images for a growing selection of pictures.

If you have an application for these Big Bulbs please do get in touch via the Contact page. Availability fluctuates, but we can supply quite large numbers (into the hundreds) if enough lead time is given. The dipping process is a slow one, so please bear in mind that our normal speed of turn-around is not always possible!