What we do

Big Tick Lightbulb only

Lighting things since 1992, Big Tick since 2007.

Big Tick Ltd was started by Dave Hallett after about 15 years of ‘freelancing’. Then after a conversation with a friend bought some 300W big light bulbs to use on shows here and there. We have since grown to have the largest hire stock of ‘big light bulbs’ in the country (in addition to thousands of smaller light bulbs too!), as well as wide stocks of GrandMA 3 processing and switches and a growing portfolio of Aladdin and Astera products. This kit is available with technicians to use it or to dry hire (although some items are too fragile or irreplacable to dry hire) – get in touch to find out more or for a quote.

Because we’re out there using the kit from day to day we know what it’s actually like to use – not just what the manufacturer says it should do. For instance, the Astera Infra-red remote controls are really useful when on shows and aren’t expensive, but they’re not a part of the ‘standard’ kit so they don’t tend to be included in hires. Because we know how useful they are there is an infra red remote control included in every Big Tick Astera kit – it just makes life easier.

We’re used to finding unusual ways to use or mount things because that’s what we do every day. If there’s something that you’re not sure how to achieve get in touch – we might have already got a way to do it. We’ve custom made button covers to stop dancers accidentally changing settings on lights, and 3D printed mounts to get battery powered NyxBulbs in just the right place – challenge us!

It’s not just about hire though. We can supply your show with a complete turnkey crew – it’s what we do every day. The technicians are (of course) technically proficient, but are nice humans too – none of us work in a vacuum and we all need to get along. Not for us the screamy and shouty types – they have their place, but mostly it’s a different place… Do get in touch if you have a project that you would like costing from start of planning to end of load out.