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Mail Merge including images! What witchcraft is this…

Now I love a mail merge. My kit lists run from a mail merge (spreadsheet of all the kit, merges to a ‘human readable’ table). My Risk Assessments run from a mail merge (information put into a spreadsheet, merges into a (mostly) nicely formatted RA). But images have never been part of the options.

We are currently moving house, and I wanted to do an A4 sheet for each item of furniture (etc) to say what it is and where it’s going in the new place – but also to have a map of the rooms to show which room that is, and (what joy!) where in the room it should be going.

Turns out (by reading the internet) that it’s all possible. I won’t go into the details here, but by naming your images as appropriate then spending some time on this page you should have all you need. The use of IF TRUE makes the images update as they go, so you can merge straight to the printer. Result – 50 or so sheets ready to stick on the furniture 🙂

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